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For over 43 years the Arnold's family has been supplying fine appliances to Puget Sound Home Owners, Builders and Remodelers. Our new showroom and warehouse is located in Bellevue Washington about 15 minutes east of Seattle at:

14404 NE 20th ST Suite 100

Bellevue, WA 98007

Who is Arnold's

Arnold's Appliance is a local family owned retail appliance store. In our new showroom of over 15000 square feet you'll find many of the National Brands you know and trust along with a wide selection of innovative specialty products. Wall Ovens, Wine Storage, Built in Refrigeration, Outdoor cooking and more, all displayed in Kitchen like settings designed and provided by some of the area's finest designers and cabinet shops.

What does Arnold's Offer

Arnold's Appliance offers a wide selection of major appliances. We carry most of the major appliance brands you all know and trust, along with a wide assortment of specialty brands you won't find in the traditional "big box" stores. Arnold's also provides local delivery and installation on the products we sell. As a member of Nationwide West (a national marketing group with over $8 billion in sales volume) we can offer extremely competitive pricing on this fine selection of products.


Local delivery and installation

Along with a wide assortment of brand name products and specialty items, Arnold's Appliance also provides delivery and installation for our local customers. The deliveries you receive will be in Arnold's Appliance owned trucks operated by our employees. We do not subcontract our deliveries like so many other stores do. This gives us much more control over the quality of service you receive. We also employ our own licensed installers for built in products like dishwashers, wall ovens, cooktops and vent hoods. Again this is the only way we can insure you receive the service you deserve. We can install virtually everything we sell (assuming specifications are compatible) with only a few exceptions, like remote ventilation motors (these need to be flanged under roofing or siding and should be done in coordination with those trades) or ventilation ducting (which should be specified well in advance and done by your mechanical contractor early in the construction process). Arnold's Appliance can also do minor cuts in most surfaces to fit your new products in. If you need major cabinet, electrical, plumbing or venting modifications it is highly recommended that you provide specifications to a qualified professional licensed for those trades. Stop by or give us a call, we will be happy to help with specifications and referrals should you need them.

Service Area

Centrally located in Bellevue Washington Arnold's Appliance provides sales, delivery and installation to Bellevue, Seattle and the greater Puget Sound area. A few years back we tried our hand at National Online Sales and discovered that shipping major appliances across the country undamaged was a rare occurrence. We also found that knowledgeable servicers were not always available and that contractors in some areas may not be familiar with the many new and innovative products we carry. We simply could not provide the level of service we were accustomed too. Each of the manufacturers whose products we provide have different policies in regards to online sales and authorized sales territories. Some are very strict and they have good reason. The online world is an impersonal low to no service world. This website is not intended to be a National Online store but rather an educational website where you can browse through and compare the many products we offer our local clients. With few exceptions the area in which Arnold's Appliance provides service is limited to the Greater Seattle area in the state of Washington. Deliveries are provided by our employees in company owned trucks. If you are not sure if you are within our service area, please contact us and we will be happy to provide the needed information.

Corporate Accounts

About corporate accounts

Arnold's Appliance has been providing Fine appliances to Northwest Builders, Remodelers, Designers, architects and developers for over 42 years. Arnold's currently supplies product and installation to many of the finest custom and spec home builders in the Pacific Northwest. Along with single family housing Arnold's has also supplied products for some of the largest multi unit projects in the area. If you are interested in a quote for your project, you may contact us. We will be happy provide any assistance we can. For a list of references and projects please contact our management team. You can find contact information on the "contacts page" of this website.


Price Policy

Here at Arnold's Appliance we strive to bring you the finest quality products at the best possible prices while maintaining the high customer service levels you so richly deserve. We belong to "Nationwide West" a merchandising group combining the efforts of over 1200 storefronts across the nation. The combined buying power of these exceptional dealers exceeds $10 billion allowing us to provide our customers with the best values and services available. No one can truly offer the absolute lowest price on all of their products all the time. But we can try. We can also offer some protection through our policies and guarantees. So here we go.

"Arnold's Appliance will meet or beat any printed price from any locally authorized dealer. The product must be new, in the box and have the exact model number. The product must also be a normally stocked item and not a custom or special order item. The dealer must be authorized by the manufacturer to distribute their products in the local area and must have a local presence. This policy is in force throughout the sales process and for 30 days after the sale."

If you run into any pricing issues that are not covered by this policy (out of state sales, unauthorized dealers, phone quotes etc.) just let your salesperson know and we will do everything we can to earn your business on a case by case basis.

Return Policy

Our goal here at Arnold's Appliance is to make your new appliance purchase as easy and comfortable as possible. It is our hope that your new product performs to your expectations, fits well and looks good. Occasionally in spite of everyone's best intentions the product just won't work out as intended and you may find the need to return it. The following is our "Return Policy" along with some guidelines to help insure a smooth and trouble free installation.

You may return or exchange any normally stocked products in unopened factory sealed boxes within a period of 30 days from the date of purchase for full value. Exceptions are listed below. If the product is not in the original factory sealed box an inspection will be required before a return authorization will be issued. The inspection will determine if the product is in resalable condition and if and how much of a restocking fee will be required to resale it. Some products may not qualify for return do to missing parts or condition of the product as determined by this inspection.

In the rare event a box is opened and it is discovered that the product is damaged please call Arnold's Appliance customer service at 425-454-7929 immediately to obtain a "Return Authorization". DO NOT INSTALL the product. We can not accept returns or issue credits on damaged goods that have been installed. Make sure you fully inspect the product before installation.


The following products are not returnable under this policy.

Special Order Products - products ordered specifically for you that we do not normally stock.

Sinks, Sink Accessories, Faucets, Warming Drawers, All Island Hoods and Wall Hoods over 48" are considered "Special Order Products" as well as Outdoor Cabinets, BBQ Grill and Grill Carts over 36".

Odd Sized, Odd Colored or Custom Built Products - again these are products we would not normally stock, some products may require payment and a "non cancelable order form" to be signed before the order can be placed.

Installation and Labor Charges - Installation and labor charges are not returnable.

If however there is an exchange due to product failure and Arnold's Appliance performed the installation there will be no additional charges for the new exchange. Installation charges are the responsibility of the customer if outside sources are used.

Our experience has shown that most returns are due to miscommunication between subcontractors. This results in costly delays, budget increases and bickering between contractors, subcontractors and homeowners. The end result is the customer does not get the finished product they expected. These problems can be eliminated by ensuring all subs get the specifications needed. The plumber, electrician and ducting specialists all need to know where to locate their services for the product specified. The cabinet supplier needs to know the proper sizes and cutouts for cabinets. The countertop people need to know what kind of holes will be required to fit cook tops and sinks in. Ensuring good communication between all involved will make your project a smooth and enjoyable experience.

Ordering Information


The placing of orders with Arnold's Appliance can be accomplished in many ways. Most orders are placed in person at our Bellevue location. The advantage to this is product availability and specifications can be addressed, product options can be discussed and delivery and installation time slots along with any special requests or requirements can be arranged at that time. Many of our customers however prefer to shop from the comfort of their home or office. Orders can be placed by phone, fax or email if desired. This may require a follow-up phone call or email to verify your choices and answer a few questions. We do not include a "Shopping Cart" with our website as we prefer the ability to discuss the options, specifications, size requirements, color choices, utilities requirements or the many other variables to consider when making a major purchase such as a household appliance. There is nothing more frustrating than waiting for your new products to arrive only to find that it won't fit, the door swings the wrong way or there is not enough electrical power to run your new wall oven. All this can be eliminated with a few answered questions.