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About Us

History of Arnold's Appliance

Arnold’s Appliance ‘history started back in summer 1956 when we celebrated the Grand Opening of Lakeshore Appliance in Redmond Washington. In June, 1974 John Arnold bought Georges Lakeshore Appliance and TV. The store was located on NE 8th in Bellevue. He renamed the store “Arnold's Lakeshore Appliance and TV”. At that time, the store had only a few major brands of free standing appliances and table top televisions.

In September 1983, after some years of hard work, Arnold had grown his business. He moved the store to the new Apple Green Center now called “The Design Market of Bellevue" across from Overlake Hospital on 116th in Bellevue Washington.

Before going on retirement, Arnold decided to bring his daughter, Joan and her husband, Rick Moline into the business in 1987. That same year, they decided to shift the core business from the television that encountered dramatic changes to appliances. From that time on, the business was essentially on built-in appliances.  Arnold’s Appliance became the only name on the store sign and “Lakeshore” came down.

John retired officially in January 1988 and his children took over the business. In 1999, as the business was growing, a bigger building was needed. Arnold’s moved the showroom to a larger building next door. In August 2008, we moved again to a new showroom displaying whole kitchen settings at 1625 132nd AVE NE Bellevue. Arnold’s Appliance moved again after 8 years because of the Lite Rail that was settled in through Bellevue by Sound Transit. Today our showroom is located at 14404 NE 20th ST Suite 100 Bellevue, WA 98007.

At Arnolds’s Appliance, we offer high-end innovative products from over 45 manufacturers. We, the third generation of the Arnold’s family, are dedicated to bring the best quality, delivery and installation to our customers for years.